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Feel the waves and the wind blowing through your hair as you lounge on a luxurious boat in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy a fresh Lobster dinner on a private island with cocktails made from our tasty, locally produced rums.

Indulge for a day sunbathing alongside a filled picnic basket on the exotic white sandy shores of the world renowned Grand Anse beach.

Snorkel or scuba dive to experience underwater sculpture art up close. The exquisite waterfalls and river basin are yours to create a personal natural spa for your peace, tranquility and pleasure.

Whatever represents your heart's desire can be brought to life through a tailor-made Jurnee at destination Grenada. Let us take you behind the tourist façade and show you the beauty, the magic and the warmth of of our island paradise.


Our itineraries are a mix of the best Grenada has to offer along with off-the-beaten path, special experiences that we have created to show you inspiring aspects of Grenadian culture.

Our Itineraries

Our passion is to design unforgettable, authentic and immersive experiences that will encourage you to let go, dive into the unknown and discover the world around you in ways you’ve never imagined.

Here is a sample of what we offer:

We take care of everything. From the moment you land until the moment you leave.

About Us

Jurnee Grenada is an unconventional, full service lifestyle & travel company, that creates lasting memories through personally curated travel experiences that fit the needs of any traveler. 


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