Grenada is Calling, Here Are 8 Reasons To Answer

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

CC: The Dharma Trails

It is a SAFE haven

We can all agree that it is quite challenging to discuss the word "safe" when describing travel these days. With the ongoing pandemic, safety in travel means a lot more than whether or not a region has crime, risky weather conditions, or political issues. Safe now also means healthy or Covid-free. Grenada proudly ticks all of these boxes. Since closing it's borders in March, 2020: Grenada has recorded zero(0) Covid deaths and Twenty-four (24) positive cases, all of whom have recovered.

After 2+ months of no new cases, Grenada has now re-opened it's borders to travelers from across the globe. Revised Entry protocols and the re-commencement of flights from major airlines to the island allows ease of access from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe. Click here for full details.

Portici Beach | CC: The Dharma Trails


The Caribbean conjures up images of idyllic, pristine beaches. Pure Grenada, the spice of the Caribbean, boasts some of the most incredible and inviting beaches on the planet.

With over 45 in total and countless secluded coves, Grenada has the perfect beach setting for any taste. From famous Grand Anse Beach, offering a two-mile stretch of white sand and calm sea that is popular with tourists and locals, to secluded hideaways like La Sagesse, Bathway, and Levera; Grenada is a beach lover's dream come true.

Underwater Sculpture Park | CC: The Dharma Trails

A Diver and Snorkeler Paradise

Grenada has earned a reputation as a world-class year-round diving destination with over 30 sites, suitable for divers of all abilities enabling them to get in touch with their inner Jacques Cousteau.

Grenada offers visitors diving and snorkeling opportunities featuring shipwrecks such as the Bianca C -nicknamed the "Titanic of the Caribbean"- which won the #1 spot in the "USA Today's Best Caribbean Dive Site" category, beautiful reefs in calm Caribbean waters or drifting through swift Atlantic currents. The Underwater Sculpture Park, located just outside St George's in the Molinere Marine Protected Area, provides a truly unique diving experience allowing divers and snorkelers the opportunity to view a submerged gallery of 105 sculptures. An experience unlike any other on Earth.

Explore the Rain-forest

Grenada recognizes the unique habitats found in the country and has developed an extensive National Park system to preserve the natural beauty of the nation. At the center of this effort is Grand Étang National Park with miles of accessible hiking trails of varying elevations, terrains, and degrees of difficulty. Guided hikes allow visitors of all abilities to explore the lush, tropical landscape, and learn about the park's history and the island's vegetation and forestry as they walk through the rain-forest, teeming with flowers and exotic wildlife.

Mt. Camel Falls | CC: The Dharma Trails

For the Thrill Seeker

Excitement and thrills are around every corner in Grenada.

For the thrill seeker in search of an adrenaline rush, Concord Falls is sure to please. Located on the west coast of the island in the hills of Concord, St. Johns, Concord Falls is one of the country's many spectacular waterfalls. Breathtaking to see, it consists of three individual cascading falls, all ideal for the adventurer in search of a plunge into the icy cold crystal-clear waters.

Concord is the first and most accessible, while the second, Au Coin, requires about a 45- minute hike through the forest to reach. The third in the series of waterfalls, is reserved for the true adventurer. Reached by carefully traversing a path of slippery rock, the trail brings those who dare to an incredible view and a waterfall which plunges over a 65-foot cliff into a natural swimming area below.

Old Pearls Airstrip | CC: The Dharma Trails

Island History and Culture

Established by French settlers in 1705, St. George's, on the island's southwestern coast, is one of the most fascinating towns in the Caribbean.

The perimeter of the islands natural harbor, lined with historical landmark buildings, reflect the Nations European legacy. 19th-century St. George's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Hilltop forts, the imposing House of Parliament, and housed in a structure built by the French in 1704, the National Museum on Young Street, all reveal the captivating history and culture that makes Grenada an authentic and pure destination.

Relax in a Hot Spring

Natural Grenada also provides plenty of relaxing places to spend the day. Located roughly 1.5 miles north of the Lake Antoine volcano and south of Levera National Park in St. Patrick's Parish is River Sallee Boiling Springs. An area composed of soft porous volcanic sediments. The region boasts six boiling springs with a water temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, or 35 degrees Celsius.

Popular with tourists for the therapeutic waters, the springs have a traditional religious significance for area Baptists who perform baptisms and other rituals there. River Sallee Boiling Springs provides a perfect place to relieve the tension and reinvigorate an individual after a day of hiking and exploring.

Authentic Indian Cuisine | cc: Punj-Abi Restaurant

Unique and Flavorful Cuisine

Known as the spice island, Grenada also produces a variety of organic fruits and vegetables as well as an abundance of fresh fish and locally harvested seafood.

A unique blend of dishes influenced by African, Asian and European traditions are created with the freshest ingredients available. The healthy and delicious options that include fine dining, authentic Italian, Indian, French, Japanese cuisine, and roadside eateries offering local fare, ensures that you will be drooling over the local food offerings during your stay.

SpiceMas Carnival

The Caribbean, among other things, is well known for the festivals featuring beautiful women, skimpy costumes, island #Soca and #Calypso sounds, and, of course, Rum.

Grenada claims a carnival tradition that is uniquely its own, a style not found anywhere else in the world. Starting in April and going strong through August the Island of Spice celebrates the carnival known as #SpiceMas. The Grenada carnival is uncommercialized, full-blooded and renowned for the weeks of parties and celebrations held throughout the Nation and Jab Jab.

Soca Artiste Voice along with Grenada's very own Lil Natty & Thunda perfectly describes the euphoric experience in their track "Pandemonium" by saying,

"There's a raw, unadulterated sense of freedom that you feel whether you're covered in oil or feathers. There's a level of excitement like no other when you're on the road surrounded by thousands dancing to the rhythm of your history. When sons of mas and jab come together, there's an energy created that will pick you up off your feet and take you to a place of ecstasy. We certainly hope you can take it!"

Grenada offers visitors a unique Caribbean vacation destination, one that is rich in culture and nature. The options are endless with modern infrastructure, a variety of hotels, resorts, and dining experiences that will appeal to young or old, solo travelers, couples or families. Grenada holds something for everyone and is a destination that will surprise and charm you with something new around every corner.

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